*Sold Out*

*Registration was limited this year due to the Delta variant of Coronavirus

Map of Norman Rd & Blower Rd, Wonder Valley, CA 92277

Register for the 2021 Retreat

*Sold Out* This retreat experiments with various experiential approaches to art and writing.  Retreat participants are encouraged to remain open to possibilities of improvisation, free play, rhizomatic experimentation, and pragmatic adjustments of the schedule throughout the retreat. Vaccines Required.

Statement on Pricing / Sliding Scale $75-400

To register purchase a ticket below or Venmo $75-400 (your chosen amount) to @ariel-fintushel.  The high end $400 ticket price is based on what other similar retreats charge whereas the low end is based on the fact that we as artists are somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of money. Hopefully within that range you can find a number that works for you; feel free to contact us with any further questions! *Accommodations and food are not provided although we will have light snacks.

Statement on Inclusivity/Safe Space

All persons are welcomed and encouraged to attend, regardless of identity status or aesthetic affiliation.  We strive to cultivate a safe and inviting space to all people. Reasonable accommodations will be made on behalf of retreatants for those who require them.